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  1. Hi folks and dev's, I've been playing PZ in multiplayer for a while now and the one thing that bugs me the most (while in MP), is how zombie spawning work. Right now, you clear an area, go home, come back within x hours and the area is "magically" repopulated. Wouldn't it be more immersive if zomboids spawned at the edge of the map and then started roaming in a random direction? Whaddya guys think?
  2. Steam Controller Isn't recognized as a normal controller, but I can still play the game with a seperate configuration Only shows the Xbox controller scheme - It looks great, but needs some esthetic editing :D As I'm using an external configuration, I can't say how your system handles the inputs? Being able to get recognized for testing, I'm more of a keyboard/mouse guy, but others might want to use all controllers. Can't test it. This game is all about Multi-tasking, I'd feel it would limit the gameplay experience as I've come to love it. Couldn't test
  3. +1 But like all limited resources at one point you can't use that grill anymore... :,(
  4. imo, as you play the game zoomed out at max most of the time, there isn't really room for a lot of detail just saying, but additional skin tones would be great though
  5. We dodged a lot of zombies while looting the city, but at night, I'd rather stay inside and barricade myself in a room and wait for the night to pass
  6. Because crowbars aren't actually meant to be used as a blunt-force object =D Believe it or not, they aren't all that hard to bend or break (not that it's particularly easy, but ya, it happens). I actually suggested a while back that each weapon start with a slightly randomized durability since it would be more realistic. The range could be, for instance, +/- 20% of what the normal starting range is now. Thus, for each one you find under, you might also find one over, leading to an over all balance and some more variation. +1 on this, not everyone keeps their tools in perfect condition
  7. It would sure be nice to have power tools available, but then again, the power will go out and I don't know if your generators can keep that up Even if you can refill it (fuel-powered) that resource will run out as well, eventually...
  8. The only was to do it on servers is to affect everyone (it's the easiest way) A solution would be is to add it as a server option, so people would no what they're getting themselves into, before joining a server
  9. Hi everyone, You can read the topic title for the suggestion or read the story down below. I just started playing this game last evening (online) and me and the guy who were playing together got into the same god-damn situation twice. Power went out, you get chased by zombies, you can barely make it to a "safe" house. It gets darker real quick, you barricade yourself in a small room and you suddenly hear the windows break and zombies coming in. I can tell you how bad the feeling was of seeing the time go by while zombies keep knocking on your door wondering when they'll break in and yo
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