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  1. Steam Controller Isn't recognized as a normal controller, but I can still play the game with a seperate configuration Only shows the Xbox controller scheme - It looks great, but needs some esthetic editing :D As I'm using an external configuration, I can't say how your system handles the inputs? Being able to get recognized for testing, I'm more of a keyboard/mouse guy, but others might want to use all controllers. Can't test it. This game is all about Multi-tasking, I'd feel it would limit the gameplay experience as I've come to love it. Couldn't test beyond the fact that my controller wasn't recognized Same as above Recognized Steam Controller for trying split-screen
  2. Bhodar

    Propane: Rare Fuel for Grills

    +1 But like all limited resources at one point you can't use that grill anymore... :,(
  3. Bhodar

    More Character Customization.

    imo, as you play the game zoomed out at max most of the time, there isn't really room for a lot of detail just saying, but additional skin tones would be great though
  4. We dodged a lot of zombies while looting the city, but at night, I'd rather stay inside and barricade myself in a room and wait for the night to pass
  5. Bhodar

    Find More Weapons But With Less Durability

    Because crowbars aren't actually meant to be used as a blunt-force object =D Believe it or not, they aren't all that hard to bend or break (not that it's particularly easy, but ya, it happens). I actually suggested a while back that each weapon start with a slightly randomized durability since it would be more realistic. The range could be, for instance, +/- 20% of what the normal starting range is now. Thus, for each one you find under, you might also find one over, leading to an over all balance and some more variation. +1 on this, not everyone keeps their tools in perfect condition and others are fanatic about it Sounds like real life to me
  6. Bhodar

    Machinery/ Power tools

    It would sure be nice to have power tools available, but then again, the power will go out and I don't know if your generators can keep that up Even if you can refill it (fuel-powered) that resource will run out as well, eventually...
  7. The only was to do it on servers is to affect everyone (it's the easiest way) A solution would be is to add it as a server option, so people would no what they're getting themselves into, before joining a server
  8. Hi everyone, You can read the topic title for the suggestion or read the story down below. I just started playing this game last evening (online) and me and the guy who were playing together got into the same god-damn situation twice. Power went out, you get chased by zombies, you can barely make it to a "safe" house. It gets darker real quick, you barricade yourself in a small room and you suddenly hear the windows break and zombies coming in. I can tell you how bad the feeling was of seeing the time go by while zombies keep knocking on your door wondering when they'll break in and you need to escape through a window... BUT wouldn't it be so much worse (read: FRIGGING AWESOME) if time crept by soooooo much slower when you're being chased by zombies