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  1. And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats...
  2. Indeed, growing mushrooms is an option for all year round. All you need is a cool, dark and damp place. Some substrate (like wood or any plant matter, really, beans can work too) and a bit of water and the mushroom spore prints and you got a sustainable year round crop. My buddy and I were all set up to grow some mushrooms, we just never got around to getting the spores
  3. "Why would you want to prove that all is for nothingk?!" - Christoph Waltz
  4. One step closer to that talk of a medieval mod for PZ I heard about so many moons ago!
  5. I believe (Don't quote me on this... don't EVER quote me!!! ...I'm mildly retarded ) they plan to take away the ability to start a new character on the same map in sandbox mode.
  6. It's such a toss up! Coffee definitely has a more flavorful and rich taste ,especially with some heavy cream. Whereas tea (English Breakfast all the way... sometimes some green tea w/coconut, lemongrass, and ginger) is superior with it's lightness and is more refreshing because of this. It just depends for me. But, I'd probably have to go with coffee in the end cause it was my first love when it came to "adult beverages" that weren't liquor
  7. I thought I heard something of a mechanical/engineering skill coming at some point (I could be wrong) but, if this is the case, perhaps the higher levels of it allow you to make biofuel? Like level 4 or 5 even? Just a thought. Or perhaps there can be a whole different kind of book out there. One that teaches a specific skill (like making biofuel) but you have to have a certain level in the skilltree it's related to in order to understand the book.
  8. I think this still falls under the category of "special infected". If all zombies could do this, that'd be one thing. But if only a select few (1 in X) then that would define these zombies as special (better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual).
  9. I like the idea as well. And I am no coder either but am fairly certain that modifying LOS is a relatively easy thing to do (considering this mechanic is already part of the game with the Panic mechanic... heheh... 'PanicMechanic'). That being said, the devs do indeed want to make the game realistic but they want the realism to be balanced with fun. I am not saying that your idea is not awesome nor that it would detract from the fun. I was just elaborating on your statement: "this game has always been all about realism".
  10. VSS Vintorez!!! (I'm a STALKER fan) *Sidenote: The gun was created the same year I was*
  11. Wait... is there like all you can eat Spiffo's in there?
  12. I'd have to agree with Robban on this. If the zombie virus could ever be transferred through the air, it's game over for all humans everywhere. Now.. it could be that the virus dies REALLY fast if it ever get's airborne to make it reasonable in the way you describe, but to me that seems like a trifle that would take more away from immersion and gameplay than it would add. (I'm talking about introducing the concept that the virus can become airborne... ooooooh the posts about the "possibilities" from there). On a side note. Your name... Gorkhun, is that from Star Trek? On a different sideno
  13. This should be on top of the list. No way! It clearly shows that financially it is the last thing that I should be doing! Playing Zomboid should come first! I like a man with his priorities straight Top drawer, sir!
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