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  1. Fix this Post (no CPT.CAPSLOCK! / provide information) ... Profit
  2. okeer


    The point is: Find a 2story building, destroy the stairs and you're pretty settled against Zeds and players. They can come in (up) when you leave the sheet rope hanging but without they would have to build stairs to get to you. Balanced ladders would counter this and open us new possibilities of moving around. Imagine you could lay down a ladder to cross a 1 or 2 wide gap between buildings and pick up again from the other side (last of us) Even if this is mostly my technique in mp I would like the addition of ladders.
  3. I became like you. Though, I really did enjoy its initial releases, where world terrain generation was rather fantastical.I'd mirror this sentiment as well. It was great fun in its novelty, but when that wore off and the terrain generator was homogenized and neutered my interest quickly dwindled. absolutly share this too... early versions had a much more interesting landscape. I loved the humble smp beginnings back then *nostalgia <3* when me and a few m8s build a huge detailed village into a kinda valley... ... ... *i'm away... wallowing in memories whilst beer, pizza and chips*
  4. Honestly - the already established player base is more than enough, wouldn't wonder if they really come up with dlc politics to get the ROI
  5. I'm wondering why nobody mentioned merchandise yet. Plushies, books about Redstone and so on... this is money gain even when everyone has the game. I think with Microsoft behind Mojang we "might" see more merchandise incoming. If this is a way to get merchandise out of a game, TIS get bought by MS and sell spiffos <3 (joke!)
  6. Would you mind getting more into detail, sounds interesting
  7. Which is true ... If the system simply limits us, i agree with you. If the system forces us to focus on one thing first and still leaves us the possibillity to max everything later if we survived long enough, i would like this idea. You have a goal to survive a specific amount of time, which for me would be another argument to play more. It would extend the gametime, limiting only rushing playstyles, since only them would greatly notice this barrier.
  8. If I was a game dev and someone was going to buy my company/IP for that amount, I would have no doubt about selling it. A wise man once said: Notch was the idol who made the early minecraft, meaning "classic" or "indev" early... but the recent additions came from the team behind him. He was clearly not that involved later, so it's good for him to say goodbye and make the path free for others to make "something" out of the Minecraft we now have. If Microsoft is the right partner for this? I honestly dont know yet, i liked the fact that Mojang was indie and not that focused on financia
  9. I know it's a skill cap, but would it be plausible if YOU just end up in above situation. Could you learn all skills within a week (ingame possible due not yet balanced XP gain and/or fast grinding mechanics) The cap should be high enough to not block you while focused on one or two skills, but limit your ability to just rush to all LVL5 and lose another source of "what to do". This is part of balancing I guess. It is arguably that I learn to build perfect walls/bars by barricading my window a thousand times. It's not time and age that makes us learn BUT influences on how much/fast we can lea
  10. made this suggestion: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10631-age-counts-into-ability-to-learn-more/ was inspired by this thread...
  11. Hey folks, while reading this -> Average Joe i came up with a idea i'm not sure about myself, but i wanted to share to see what you think about. Out of the discussion of above linked thread i came up with following: Why not factor the "Age time" (Survival time) in how many skills you can learn. Ok, so the shit hit the fan and i'm in this fucked up world with zombies on mass and me with everything around what i had before this, so probably generic stuff and nothing fancy. I can learn carpentry stuff or how to cook, firing a gun, reloading, fishing etc. I probably can even lea
  12. Picking up the neoscavenger "scavenge" topic again: NeoScavenger has no "auto-pickup"! I think what "he" meant (some pages after 1.) that you see a "container" in the inventory screen (right side) like "Trees" / "tree stub" and right click it "Scavenge" which initiates the scavenging process and rewards with items picked from a specific drop list of that "scavenge place"...
  13. I'm into this too, makeshift gear should be much more common in a apocalypse
  14. Hmm, then this will be it for now... was a fun time with all of you - maybe we'll see us somewhere else
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