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  1. You need to create a folder within the "C:\Users\*Username*\Zomboid\mods\" folder, in there you'll need to have a "mod.info" file and a "poster.png" file as well as a "media" folder which should contain a "radio" folder which should then hold the .xml file which are your broadcasts. To create the "mod.info" file, just create a .txt file and copy in the below and change it about, save and then rename the fileformat to .info and it should work. name=Test poster=poster.png id=Test description=Test url=??? After that you just need to enable it in your mods list and it should then start working.
  2. It's quite possible to produce new TV and Radio stations in PZ by using the WordZed tool. I'm not sure how easy it would be to add to existing radio stations given that (apparently) if you use the same TV/radio "frequency" it removes the ingame stations and replaces them with your own. I've managed to create at least two radio stations for a Mod I am working on, I'd post a screenshot or two, but I'm not at home so I can't access the Mod/game to show you, but it is possible. There have been another two mods previously which were published, but seem to have since been removed. Anyhow, that aside - if you download WordZed, you can look at the ingame "RadioData.xml" file and possibly modify that. Alternately you can add new TV/Radio stations separately. To do this you'd need to create your stations, export them from WordZed, upload them to Steam as a Mod and download it that way (I think that is the only way, you may be able to drop them somewhere in the games files) then activate the Mod via the ingame Mod GUI. If you are still interested, I'd suggest looking here for the tutorial and the tool: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21318-wordzed/ You can also download this Mod which can act as an example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975088107 (Edit: Feel free to ask me some questions, but I may take a while to respond as I'm not on the forum that frequently.)
  3. I'd go with "Burger Flipper." In short, much like my "real life self" my character is a lazy slob and hates cooking. So cooking skills are basically worthless to me, particularly when my "cooking" consists of sucking down a bottle of Remoulade (partly because I didn't know what it was and figured it was like Lemonade. Turns out I was wrong...) for dinner. Blade maintenance isn't really something that interests me much either. That and the strength/fitness benefits don't really outweigh the other classes like Lumberjack or Carpenter which I usually prefer to take. Overall it's one of the classes I typically wouldn't use.
  4. You may wish to visit the little town that is basically in the opposite direction of West Point. If you are on the main road in Muldraugh and drive/walk down the main road away from West Point you should come across a second junction without sliproads which if you take a right at than a left should take you to a gatehouse. Beyond that, there is a large "dormitory" which is about four stories tall which sort of fits the bill between skyscraper and house. That and it's partly fenced off. Seems to match some of what you are requesting. I have no idea what the place is called, it's here on the PZ Map. (Edit: Apparently it's called March Ridge and I just need some sleep or my eyesight checked.)
  5. Edit: Scratch that, I just read the documentation which answered my question that I had previously. Now I'm just getting errors trying to save: Program will attempt to save to: -C:\WordZed - Version 1\projects\saves\Nairn Radio Files.xml ERROR: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at WordZedWPF.DataAccess.RadioXmlWriter.writeBroadcastLine(XmlWriter w, BroadcastLineData line) at WordZedWPF.DataAccess.RadioXmlWriter.writeBroadcast(XmlWriter w, BroadcastData broadcast) at WordZedWPF.DataAccess.RadioXmlWriter.writeScript(XmlWriter w, ScriptData script) at WordZedWPF.DataAccess.RadioXmlWriter.writeAdverts(XmlWriter w) at WordZedWPF.DataAccess.RadioXmlWriter.writeFile(RadioFileData radioFile, String tempFile, String finalFile) Finished... Changing the name of the file so it doesn't have spaces doesn't seem to do anything, just produces the same error. I think this is being caused by the adverts for some reason. Creating empty or multiple empty advert categories is fine, actually entering any info into them just causes this error to pop up. Comes up despite having a temporary broadcast.
  6. MaxZorin44456


    I'm enjoying the new music. Reminds me of the "Banjo music" you got in Left 4 Dead 2. It makes for a nice local aesthetic. Is there any future information relating to adding more types of cars/trucks? E.g. "larger" vehicles which are not articulated? (Coaches, busses, box trucks, flatbeds, small tankers, police vans, towtrucks etc?) I'm not particularly sure on the restrictions on vehicles hence why I'd generally presume non-articulated vehicles are only possible, but even then, is there a general size limit on said vehicles due to collision issues with low buildings, lamposts etc?
  7. Seems they added sounds like static, I could hear audible static when I used the radio for a while and there was nothing broadcasting. Not sure about TV's, the only ones I could find just seemed to be their usual audible less selves.
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