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    SirJustin reacted to lemmy101 in Has anyone really died from zombies?   
    "So people with higher ping might have a considerable advantage. This needs to be fixed as this is one of the two main reasons that zombies aren't a threat"
    Nu uh. Zombies are 100% server side. People with a large ping do NOT have an advantage.
    The main problem is the grabbing mechanic doesn't work in MP yet, and zombie vision doesn't work right yet. This will be fixed. There are other tweaks or optimizations we can make to make it closer to SP. Have faith.
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    SirJustin reacted to DukeTheWolf in Looking for PZ friends for MP play.   
    hey guys, played on a few servers here and there, I am mainly playing in one particular server now.
    that is besides the point though. I have found some good people to play with and some annoying ones.. right now I just want to find a couple normal people who want to explore and survive together. maybe even thrive together.
    message me if you are likeminded.
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