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  1. You can still pick up glass with 'Pick up' mode without risk of injury. But, anyways, thanks for the frequent patches, it's been a blast so far.
  2. Thanks for all the hard work coming out with these patches lemmy, this animation update was certainly worth the wait.
  3. I haven't been on this forum for around half a decade, my old posts certainly haven't aged well with my grammar, and it's crazy to think about some of the old memories that I must've had back when I was a young teen who just loved zombie tropes, despite its repetitive nature.


    It's good to see you, old friend.

  4. Steam Username: Epicred4 In-Game Name: Callum Cadwell RP Experiences: RPed a lot of Garry's mod, used to rp on a previous pz rp server, Rust - A lot. Character Background: Callum was a normal folk. Nothing so special about him. But his mother and father were killed in what was said to be a accident. No one knows what happened but the bodys were never found. This happened to Callum when he was only 10 years old. And he ended up living with his aunt in West Point, Kentucky. About 9 years after the incident Callum arrived back home for the holidays only to find his aunt being chewed on by what seemed to be a rotten walking body. The monster noticed Callum and lunged at him. Callum ducked and dashed into the kitchen. He grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed it directly in the right eye. But the monster kept on pushing. Callum kicked it and pulled out the knife as it stumbled on the floor. Confused and uncertain, Callum dashed outside to only see a horde of monsters coming towards him. Callum turned, and ran. Why you want to join the server: Been looking for a great private RP server that isn't filled with rule breakers. To have fun. How can I contact you: Steam, if you wish.
  5. Well for now. Lets stand looking at a wall.
  6. In Project Zomboid Multiplayer I had problems when I had food poisoning. Due to the fact that there was no way to cure it because you couldn't go to sleep or rest. It would be cool if you could at least lay in bed that gives you rest like sleeping expect it doesn't change the clock or anything like that. I just didn't like standing around waiting to die when I had Food Poisoning.
  7. I agree. The map needs to be reseted more. I got hit by a zombie as soon as I got on. Due to the fact that my starting point had smashed windows and zombies in it.
  8. Man this sucks. I was really looking forward to Role Playing though the server is down .
  9. MostBestRoleplays your Emilio Botero! You died . Well My guys still alive after all he has been through :/.
  10. Name - James Brock Age - 28 Gender - Male Role - Fighter Background - James Brock was a police man before the zombie outbreak. He was great at his job at arresting people for crimes and protecting people. Even now he still stands to protect survivors and wants to make the world a better place. He knows the only way to cure the zombie infection. Is to put a bullet in all those zombies mouths. He ended up meeting up with the Militia. He explains him self and leaves unharmed. Yet are to be heard of his tales. He doesn't plan to join the Militia. Or does he?
  11. Sure! My name is Epicred4 (Steam name) Add me if you wish.
  12. Guys Multiplayer isnt finished yet. Of course loading a server takes forever.
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