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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Planet Algol in Highway roads, military/SWAT grade vehicles and skyscrapers !   
    something like that? This is a work in progress.
  2. Pie
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Okamikurainya in IsoZoid Tool   
    Will give it a shot when I get the chance. Been wanting an excuse to make a thatch roof.
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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Okamikurainya in IsoZoid Tool   
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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Knox County Revival   
    hermoso trabajo, si en algo puedo ayudar contactarme.
  5. Pie
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Okamikurainya in Knox County Revival   
    Thanks! Still failing with them though.

    On the other hand, I'm considering expanding into RingoD's map pack at a later date... That's a big MAYBE though...
    But until then, have some Moo Town:

  6. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Okamikurainya in Knox County Revival   
    Anyone able to help me with a x2 version of these tiles?
    It's a foot rest that goes along with the green sofa set that, for one reason or another, never made it to the latest version.
    I tried and failed one too many times to do it on my own.
    Many thanks for any help!
  7. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Okamikurainya in Knox County Revival   
    Heya all!

    I've been slowly but surely remaking and remastering the original Knox County map in its' entirety and I've reached a point that I feel showing some of the work would be okay.
    I've been adding a few things I feel are common sense here and there, such as bedrooms to houses that didn't have, extra details, etc...

    Also worked up a set of counters that never made it into the modern version:

    Was hoping someone would be up for helping me upscale a few other objects that never made it to the modern version. It would be a massive help as I'm fine with editing, but my actual sprite creation skills are lacking.
    Still a long way to go. The first segment of the Northern Highway is complete and I'm focusing on the Suburbs now, with the Villas being the next focus.
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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Eerie Country Beta   
    News of Eerie in Patreon.

    the link to the news is right here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/26974742
  9. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Okamikurainya in Custom Tile Templates   
    Floor Tile Template:

    The red square tile is the base, brown blending tiles are for dirt/sandy blends while the green ones are for grassy blends. Difference is subtle and probably doesn't matter too much though. Each tile is 128x256, so these would go with the 2x textures.
    Wall Tile Template:

    Door Tile Templates:

    First two are for closed doors. second two are for open doors.
    Advertisement and Sign Templates (by Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]):

  10. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to nasKo in Red Hand Gang   
    Hey all, let’s go for a quick trip around the various continents of PZ development and see what’s been done in this, the week commencing 18th March.
    Romain has been busy continuing work on adding new zones and costumes, adding work costumes for various franchises and shops found in the game, from Gas2Go, Fossoil, PileOCrepe and many more, as well as integrating more of Martin’s anims, including 3 new variations of zombies thumping on objects.
    He’s also added support for characters to lower and raise hoods on hooded clothing, for example hoodies and certain coats, and several new idle animations used when the character has injuries. Please note we will likely add more variation in future, as well as anims specifically for more serious injuries as the one shown..

    EP has been doing a lot of work on zombie behaviour, stopping the zombies all piling up when moving toward sounds, and various other pathfinding issues that have existed for a long time but now look and feel more problematic now we have the shiny new animations.
    Zac has been continuing work on expanding the toolset and systems to provide more functionality to the rest of the team. His work on masking out different parts of clothing items has resulted in several extremely useful features.
    First, it now allows us to wear pieces of geometry clothing on top of other geometry clothing – as opposed to being a texture drawn over the character’s skin. This used to be impossible: the clothing worn underneath would always poke through the geometry of the clothing on top, especially when moving.
    Our old solution to that was to only draw underclothing as textures directly on the character model, which unfortunately led to the side effect of them looking like body paint and lacking the bulk of real clothing. Now we can easily turn off areas of the clothing that are covered, so we are provided with many more options.
    Zac has also used this masking support to allow for rips and holes in clothing. This said, it’s not quite finished yet, as he needs to apply the inverted mask to the underclothing and to make it visible inside the hole. As such, at the moment, we have a kind of Invisible Man effect when holes are used.
    In the meantime he’s also fixed the bug that was causing several of our weapon textures to draw incorrectly, which was down to pesky non ‘power of two’ sized (256×256, 512×512 etc) textures causing issues, so now support for those have been added.
    This picture sums up all of the aforementioned things.
    (Please note: the trousers used in this instance are still of the skin-tight texture variety!)
    Mark meanwhile has been at work smacking down a few of the low level blending issues, and it looks like he’s finally tracked down the cause, which was an old optimization that wasn’t sitting well with the animation system overhaul. It’s been removed now so we will be discussing other TEA approved optimizations to help keep us running at a decent speed in potato land. Now the blending issues are fixed, we’ve gotten rid of all the little snaps and jumps in the character’s movement, which should make things look all the better!
    Finally, ChrisW’s Sims-style cutaways have been merged into the main build and have been working really nicely – and EP has also smuggled in some oft-requested niceness in that garage doors can now be opened.
    (Cars don’t fit in them yet, and the sound is not quite right yet, but that’s a battle for another week!)
    This week’s pic is by Vampel!! A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here– so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
  11. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Neutz in Union City   
    Been finishing up bits and pieces of the map that have been half done while i was working on other areas, here is a bunch of apartments on the outskirts.

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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Cyrrent Eiledoll in Eerie Country Beta   
    Interesting and mysterious things are happening in Eerie Country, visit my patreon to be up to date with the news, a greeting from the shadows.

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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Cyrrent Eiledoll in Eerie Country Beta   
    Checkpoints. Yes now!

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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Cyrrent Eiledoll in Eerie Country Beta   
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    Atoxwarrior reacted to Xonic in Xonic's Mega Mall   
    Eerie Country could have a mall nearby =w=
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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Xonic in Xonic's Mega Mall   
    simplemente hermoso amazing XD
  17. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Xonic in Xonic's Mega Mall   
    The Mall is visually finished now.
    First floor 

    Second floor

  18. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Woldren in Hashima island by Woldren   
    Hi guys! This is my new map: Hashima Island. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1600890711
    This map is located in Japan. The Island is also called Battleship Island. You can find more infos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashima_Island
    And you can take a look on the map here:




  19. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Cyrrent Eiledoll in More Spiffos   
    New Version of "Some Spiffos"
    Add new Spiffos
    Spiffo Bunyan
    Spiffo Ash
    Speaking Spiffo (need new soundeffekt)
    And the legendary Spiffbomb
    Some Ideas ... Collect Spiffos and rare Spiffos. Spiffos contains Coins, Rare Spiffos contains special Coins.
    Trade Coins for random Items. Trade Special Coins for special Items (like epic Weapons, special Backpacks  or unique Recipes)
    Fight against each other to get all Spiffos.
  20. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Neutz in POI Survivor Community (Alexandria inspired)   
    Original designing an area for the redboid servers safezone, Not sure if i will post it to the workshop at this stage or it will be exclusive to the server.
    Taking inspiration from TWD's Alexandria this is a survivor community meant for Mulitplayer servers.
    The houses will be mostly unfurnished to alow players to furnish the interiors how they like.
    I will add Solar panels at some point, hopefuly once the new power grid system is in this place will have legit solar power 24/7/
    New Perimeter walls also.


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    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from RickBFP in 41.2 Mods?   
    They are mods in Spanish of our glorious creator Snake, a talent to create mods most are functional and with a minimum of failures in the new versions.
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    Atoxwarrior reacted to MECR in MECR's Small Map Additions # 1: Greene's HQ (WIP)   
    Hi to all
    I started to work on some small map mods, the intention is to add some locations and points of interest.
    The first mod will be "Greene's HQ": it's located southwest of Riverside and adds a Greene's store, a small office building, a villa and a lot of greenhouses. I finished all the buildings, but the surroundings still need some polish. I hope I can release the map soon.
    Here's 2 teaser images:

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    Atoxwarrior reacted to Nisora in Union City   
    I cannot wait to run around on this, it's so beautiful ;a;
  24. Spiffo
    Atoxwarrior reacted to Neutz in POI Fort Redstone, KY   
    Having a break from my Union City map, as i was getting really burnt out.
    I didn't like some of the community maps because they add too much and some of them just don't fit right and are too big with no online map.
    So i decided to start some small POI type maps with alot of detail that fit right into the original map and only replace a few cells
    First up is Fort Redstone, a Military Base located just North of Rosewood.
    Some buildings are from the community pack but edited and the others i made myself.
    It includes custom tiles and spawnpoints for FilibusterRhymes military vehicles.

  25. Pie
    Atoxwarrior got a reaction from Shotgun_Messiah in All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/3/2019   
    Is an excellent idea, perfect for future projects.
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