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  1. Man, I can't do this IRL. How do you move stuff from your backpack to a bag in your second hand with only one free hand? Not sure about everyone else, but I', stopping to do that or not doing it at all.
  2. Yes, this is true and certainly, if "Never" was working, it would still be very hard to survive. You can tell the difference if you are in debug. I spent a LONG time in debug mode watching the various sliders move around and dragging the sickness one back left to "cure" my character. Seriously, I'd recommend going and looking at how a normal run looks with those debug sliders open.... so much going on in the most simple of situations!
  3. New release. Thank you o7
  4. In all my tests this wasn't the case. Always a true infection, never a fake one. This was a considerable amount of testing too, not just a one off. I'm waiting for 41.35 and will test again.
  5. Hi folks, Hope everyone is well in these strange, strange times! I've been testing in sandbox with "Infection mortality" set to "Never" and I die everytime. I think this is a bug. I have done 3 days of testing and die each time, regardless of being otherwise healthy. I enabled debug mode and kept reducing pain/stress etc. and the infection rate and sickness climb at exactly the same rate. I can manage it for a short period or around 2-3 days, but then it quickly spirals out of control and the character dies. I had a look around and it seems that other folks have all looked at this in a similar way and their characters just die too. As such, I believe the Infection Mortality setting is bugged, as Never should not kill the player. Maybe this was just never implemented yet, or something elsewhere has broken it. Would be good to understand what the "never" setting is meant to be for, if not to survive the infection, albeit in very bad shape! Cheers, and keep up the great work! Love the game.
  6. Thanks EnigmaGrey. I am looking for a more complete set of info on the mortatlity when set to "Never". I went through a bunch more tests last night and can't seem to prevent death, despite being entirely healthy other than having the infection. So in this scenario, where wounds are not present, not blood loss, no pain, no stress - it seems to be the sickness which is killing me. This is counter-intuitive to the "Never" setting, as I see it, as the sickness is only coming from the zed infection and therefore that is developing the sickness. I'm beginning to think the Infection Mortality shouldn't really be in the game, given the lack of control it has and the only way to truly prevent death is to remove transmission. I'd be interested in knowing what the devs actually put this in the game for, as a no lethal zed infection would lead to a pretty tought existence, without death. Is that the idea?
  7. Hello all. I've been playing with Infection Mortality and I'm struggling to understand what it actually does, as I have done a number of run throughs and keep dying of what I think is the infection. I'm fairly certain something is going on, as "Never" should mean that the virus infection isn't deadly, but I die of a fever or something else - I defnitely not bleeding out though. I'm wondering if anyone has managed to find info on this mystical field in Zombie Lore settings! I tested this on 41.33. I've seen some mention that this is to do with infections from wounds etc - but that doesn't make too much sense if it is located in the Zombie Lore settings. Anyone done any digging in this area before? Thanks!
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    Noob question

    I haven't tested it, but surely mods will across multiplayer, providing all players have the mod installed correctly...
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