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  1. I am satisfied with the patience you guys have displayed. Seeing as PZ was a one-time purchase, I see no problem in waiting until NPCs are finally here. Have fun with the project, and best of luck.
  2. Are you the guy that did the Civ V "Early Game Fail" Let's Play?

    1. Jatta Pake
    2. Ryfar


      That was some great stuff. The narrative was gripping and you made excellent facility of the game's mechanics to do some cool stuff. The Portuguese fleet's capture was a real highlight.

  3. Will you be allowed to be an outsider of sorts (a wanderer, or a trader, or a wandering trader) if the town itself is stable and populated enough for such a position?
  4. This seems like a really great, well-thought out suggestion. It covers the extent to which factions could interact with the player quite well, and if it were to be implemented I could definitely see it working to a reasonable extent. Some suggestions: In the part talking about loners, there is a spelling error. "horde" should be changed to "hoard. "They like to horde so if you locate their base/stashes you're in for a good time." Also, while the suggestion covers player-faction interactions quite well, it leaves a lot to the imagination regarding how they would interact with each other. Pe
  5. I would be interested in joining the server.
  6. If a person was killed and then turned into a zombie, such information could prove both useful and interesting.
  7. I do especially like the idea that news can provide random benefits or consequences. Sort of makes it another source of unpredictability when your character is sad and decides to turn the news on, perhaps hoping to see a way out but ends up depressed from the inevitable lack of aid, mistrust of government aid, or any other interesting thing.
  8. That sounds awesome. All this post-apocalyptic survival is really shaping up to be something fraught with drama and intrigue.
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