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  1. I would LOVE to play a game like this on the go - 3DS espeically, having stats/map on top screen and using the bottom as main. I can already tell im going to get alot of hate but i cant think of a better indie game i'd love to play on a small console as well as on the larger screen using cross platform. Thank you for reading
  2. Mattix


    It seems weird that there is this pretty large map with streets all over the place and yet no vehicles or easy ways to get from Westpoint to Muldraugh or vise-versa. If there were cars, bikes or trucks that could smash down walls if traveling at a certain speed that'd be great too. I believe you could also impliment the ability to take fuel from different vehicles for molotov cocktails or for your personal transport. Using sound for starting the car and car alarms would be impressive. I believe the best way to to use this and so getting cars isnt so easy is that you have to find keys possibly inside a building for a car waiting in a car port. Thankyou for reading if anyone took the time. )
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