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    Hydrocraft Mod

    This mod is absolutely incredible, thank you for all your work! I have only one question though - with the ability to have dogs, rabbits, etc - did I miss the cats?
  2. Just some ideas I'd really like to see - started thinking on it in the Erosion announcement thread and figured I'd start something more in-depth here on the PZ Suggestions area: New Tools: - Garden Shears: Could work as a Short Range Melee Blade Weapon in a pinch. Relatively quiet, good for taking out small bits that are in the way without resorting to louder means. Gets rid of grass clumps and small brush slowly (About as long as cutting a tree) Loses durability swiftly. Repairs similar to Knives. - Weedwacker: Decently loud. Uses Gasoline as ammunition. Could be used as a Melee Blade W
  3. This is one of the things PZ has really needed - seeing the world change around you gives you a sense of 'wow, I lived long enough to see the nature overtake civilzation.' I sincerely hope though that there are ways to reverse said erosion in small amounts using things like garden shears (Large bushes/plantclumps), axe (trees, just like vanilla), concrete (fill in cracks in roads), and so on, so as to tidy up areas inside safehouse perimeters. It would be a great time to add in that Chainsaw, too - if you are setup enough to be able to withstand the attention of the noise. It would be nice t
  4. I was having the same problem using commas. Switching to semicolons (as recommended by EasyPickins) did cause the game to recognize the mods, but now I get stuck at a 'Doing Checksum' whenever anyone or myself attempt to log into the server. I'm wondering if I'm having a mod conflict that is causing this particular issue. ***UPDATE****! Disabled checksum in the servertest.ini. The mods are recognized and working fine so far as I can tell. Did you make sure that the loaded.txt listing matches the order you've put in the mods= and that it is case sensitive?
  5. I live in Kentucky, not too far away from Frankfort. That's not too much farther away from the Fort Knox area (It's southwest of me) and I can tell you people in my area know a lot about solar power and it's been a pretty big topic lately. Lots of places out here, old farmhouses and the like, eat up tons of electricity every year trying to stay warm or cool - it's often cheaper to invest in them than to keep dealing with the Electric companies (it's even a way some people make money back by putting power back into the grid). So they're pretty well known around here. Next, panels are gett
  6. I think it'd work better as a protege system; you build a strong relationship with an NPC you adopt (raising an NPC child from baby to adult would be pretty immersion breaking in the space of a few nights) - and there is a chance (A chance, to make it interesting) to - after your death - become that NPC as your new player character. This NPC would inherit whatever skills you've helped them acquire (depending on the sophistication of the NPC system) during their time with you (with them flagged as your Protege). That way, the work you put into NPCs you rescue or spend your time with (or hell
  7. Brilliant idea - it'd make the moodle system quicker to read. If something is really heavily affecting your character, you'll see it on your character's face indicator and look to the moodles to see what it is exactly. If it's not super important, you might be able to put it off... maybe. It could even be helpful if it could be applied to the NPC system later on, if you end up in some sort of close dialogue mode you can try to read their expressions. - Did they agree with your request/order? - Are they bit/sick/pained? Reading an NPC would be very helpful in figuring out if they're just
  8. One of my favorite and long missed game features (due to the prevalence of multi-platform games being designed for being played without a mouse) was back in the old Black Isle games Fallout 1 & Fallout 2, where you could click on inanimate objects in the game and get a text 'description' your character utters. It'd be great for fleshing out the world and adding some more personality to it. It'd also be a great way of scoping out if an NPC looks friendly or strung out and ready to turn you into barbeque - or even to gauge roughly the health of another player or NPC; "That guy/lady doesn
  9. One word: Clementine. I know the creators of the game want to skirt the idea of a violent zombie apocalypse somehow averting children being harmed, but I have consistently found it to be immersion breaking to just deny they exist (especially when TellTale Games has done such a wonderful job showing some kids are not as helpless as they seem). I think there should be something, and having heirs - a reason to try to survive - would be a great way to add depth to survival when it comes to NPC juggling. It would be bad enough losing your character ("this is how you died"), but imagine coming b
  10. What about Flea Market Katanas? They'd not have much durability (definitely not as good as a 'true' Katana), but they'd be a lot more plentiful, especially in Muldraugh.
  11. I have not done a search myself and I do not know how detailed these other suggestions were. Even 67 results might offer some differing observation or point of interest another might not have. When designing a game, it's a good idea to have a variety of things to draw from - 67 posts might have the same points in most cases, but maybe one or two insights that are somewhat different; really go 'huh... didn't think of it that way, that's kind of cool' and be taken into consideration for this game. In particular, I put this on here because I live near the area the game takes place in and wanted
  12. Not with the map editor. It'd be nice to be able to move a character between, for example - West Point and Muldraugh. Or move from West Point to a user created map. I was thinking more along the lines of mod potential, truthfully. There are many things on their list that I plan to work on myself if they won't. Maybe a lineages NPC mod when all the NPC stuff gets worked out. Also, I think they also said there'd be no military in that same post you linked. But still, mod potential. The Endgame tends to be a sticking point in games like this and I hope there continues to be challenges no m
  13. I had a talk with my friends not long about bears in a zombie apocalypse in particular (we were playing the Zoo expansion to Zombies!!! Board game, which kind of led to it). There are black bears around here but they're usually in fairly protected parkland spots to my knowledge. It'd be likely they'd start getting bolder as the apocalypse went on, but at first it'd be rare to see them. If they did make it into Project Zomboid, it'd be interesting and finding one would probably be one of those 'oh-CRAP - don't p--s it off' kind of uncommon situations. Cougars are in a pretty bad way around he
  14. The way I see it, this is how I hope game progression works: 1.) Initial stage. - Player gets bearings. - Zombies do not yet migrate from outside map, so you have all you have to deal with. - Water & Electricity are up, for now. - Stockpiling and skill upping (Generally Cooking, while fresh materials available). - *may* run into NPCs and start bringing them in. - Generally the big Looting phase. - Warm weather will make things difficult slightly. 2.) 1-2 Month Later. - More zombies migrating from edge of map, small horde (probably signified by helicopter noises or machine gun sounds)
  15. I would love to see holsters in the game, they shouldn't take up the same equip slot - though. I can imagine a Onehander Holster and a Twohander Holster. This can holster a melee weapon or range weapon, and make it easy to switch between the two while decreasing the weight to carry them by half or so. Belt fed weapons might be more handy when dealing with NPC Bandit Groupings or PvP on Servers. But the risk with them is weight and loudness - if you're going to war, just showing the enemy you have one might be enough to dissuade crazy assaults rather than attract entire armies of Zombies. I
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