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  1. I thoroughly agree with you that a torniquet applied to a limb for initial control of catastophic haemorrhage is the best course of action. There is figures showing that it IS the best thing to do, based off of the use of the CAT. I will mention though that there is also significant numbers of surgical limb removal from people applying makeshift torniquet's I think this would play excellently into the game. At level 1 medicine your (homemade) tourniquet's have a 40% of doing more harm than good, diminishing to something like 3% at level 5.
  2. I was in the military. I've been to combat. We don't use suppressors. In a little over 5 years in the army I never saw a single one. While Im sure the military does own them, its not in any significant numbers, and in the event of the zombie apocalypse I imagine immediately following the outbreak anyone with knowledge of their location would take them for themselves, dropping the number of them on base from like 5 to 0. Also, why do people continue to argue suggestions when a member of the dev team (you know, the people actually making the game) has said, repeatedly, not just no, but hell no?
  3. I would argue that in most cases there is no reason NOT to apply a tourniquet first. It immediately controls blood loss, and you can then apply an Israeli dressing or whatever else you like at your leisure.
  4. I think this would work well as ham radio's. You can transmit on different frequencies and establish long range communication
  5. I know dogs are already a tentative yes, but I thought of some pretty cool implementation. First you have to lure a dog to an enclosed building with food, and then begin training it. Dog (animal?) training would be its own skill, with different things you can teach your new companion at every level. Brand new to dog training? You can only really keep it from running off on you. Level 2-3? You can teach your dog to stop barking at zombies (which of course brings more of them around) Level 4 would be sniffing out food At level 5 your dog can sniff out other survivors. I also think your dog should be able to attack zombies and other survivors, but has a chance of becoming infected when attacking a zombie (not turning into a zombie dog, since that's already a confirmed no, but the dog can still die of infection.)
  6. I really like this, and once the military presence is added it would make finding the materials a bit easier.
  7. can...can we just lock this thread please?
  8. If im not mistaken sewers are a maybe. I like the rest of the crowbar stuff though.
  9. I like this except for having to unlock them. I shouldn't need to practice my teamwork to help boost someone up, maybe I wont be as good at it as someone with points spent in the skill but I should still be able to do it. Overall really cool though.
  10. Not a total cure, but medicine to stave of it's effects for maybe about a day or two. Plus the Extraction Zone is only for that particular Game Mode; more like a short mission I could say. I don't think they would have a problem with a stopgap between infection and death (since staying well fed does this for a bit atm) so that could probably work maybe you get the target extracted on one helicopter, you get in another, and it crashes, stranding you in the city and turning your mini mission guy into a sandbox character.
  11. Any kind of cure has already been a big NO from the dev team military camps and (hostile) soldiers are confirmed Having an extraction zone implies you could get back out of the city and live, also a big no. Even if you hole up in your safehouse with a walled in garden it just takes one scratch to kill you.
  12. 2 boxes of shells should be plenty
  13. TL:DR OMG guys, i was totally joking, i don't care about Katanas, it was someone else's idea, i just want to see a museum and a manor (see thread title "Finding Katanas in Museums" ) which is my REAL suggestions, but i would love to see katanas anyway.
  14. Well, we're talking about full recovery here. What about partial ? Reflected in the game as, say losing a random positive trait ? Explainable in most cases (eye hemorrhage = lose Eagle eyed, etc...) and could actually work with the lucky / unlucky mechanic to stretch / narrow down your chances. Maybe like 5-10 % for full recovery and 10-15% for partial ? Regardless, how would the skill be useful in SP ? Healing up NPCs ? Going back to MP - while a comrade may CPR you to safety, any scratches might still prove lethal... Or possibly a permanent health loss (Max health now 80). Permanent reduction to sprinting speed, or duration, or both. Sp it would really only be useful to use on NPCs...or maybe you could find 1 in 100 NPC that knows CPR? for MP yeah scratches and bites can still infect of course.
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