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  1. Hello! I just purchased a server for PZ through you guys. Setup was really quick and had it going. I was very happy. Extremley easy to configure and had all my passwords and parameters set up in short time. The me and 5 other chaps loaded up, after 45 minutes of gameplay we started having warping and eventually server crash. Pings were 40-100ms which I'm fine with, then spiked 5000+ and crashed again. I got the 1Gb service and it is rated for 12 players, however it is not keep up with 6. Customer support offered to upgrade to 2 Gbs, but what was advertised says it should work. Customer was fast to respond though and very friendly. Just be aware that 12 players, let alone 5 can't be played on 1Gb.
  2. I'm sorry but that doesn't counter anything Enigma said. It's an item used for 5 minutes to do what it's meant to do. I'm sure even that knife has a breaking point somewhere. That's a knife specially built to withstand that sort of usage. It has not been designed to be miss-hit on pavement, when trying to crack zombie skulls. All the current durability system does is, it makes slight concessions with realism to keep the game more active. Now if it should, is completely opinion related and my opinion is that it's quite fun the way it is. But there's no reason for anyone to say that things are unbreakable (which is a great movie btw). Oi vey. Its hard to convey what is in your head, and get it into writing. This will be my final bit on weapons. The force needed to break a crowbar over top of a human skull, or hitting a door far exceeds anything that a human can muster. I've stood on these things, jumped on them, kicked them to break loose things far beyond the force needed to crush a skull. Can you break a crowbar. Yes. I'm certain if you are trying to pry something that has a higher breaking point than the material of the crowbar it will crack. Safes are not Skulls. The Ability to have a weapon and maintain it. If I break my handle on my axe, I will find a new one, or fashion one out of a stick. The head of the axe should be fine, and I should not have to scrap the whole thing because the handle is broke. (Thousands of logs split and the one I have is still fine) I wish we could just steer away of maybe scrap this weapon, to let me find stuff to repair it. It seems like a fair compromise, it keeps you moving, and makes more sense than the system does. As far as farming, a plant should take longer to grow, but when you harvest it the entire plant should not be scrapped, it should have maybe 4-5 days cooling time before you can re harvest again. Crop times should be between End May - Early September. Frost would kill most crops, bare spinach and peas (which are more cold resistant.)
  3. Here's things breaking.Google "broken crowbar." I'm sure you'll find results, even if it's relatively rare. Guess what: all tools have different levels of quality and maintenance. Just because you or members of your family have something that could be deemed a working antique, doesn't necessarily mean the game should, particularly if they're being used for improper tasks. And I could counter with something like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSrlvqrZQKY However, I understand the need to keep you looking and moving throughout the game; it doesn't have to be the need to keep looking for new weapons, food yes, but the need to carry 2 Axes because you know one will break after splitting 50 skulls just seems silly. I like saying, you are my Axe, I've had you since the start, we've slayed many of zombies, and opened many a door. I could see it getting dull and maybe needing a sharpen on a wet stone or equivalent. I don't think you could break a crowbar though after hitting even hundreds of zeds in the head. And Florin, I think it would be fantastic if farming were more realistic. Plant your Tomatos in Late may, Start harvisting late June, early July, and Harvest through Beginnning of September. I'm in West Virginia, similar zones to Kentucky (its probably warmer there). From a single tomato plant this year I harvested over 60 tomatos. All I did was plant them in well fertalized soil and I didn't even have to water them, and they did fantastic. Same with peppers, and strawberries (Which I harvested from May-August; they also come back every year and you don't need to replant these.) from a single plant.
  4. I agree. Some items are just not breakable, or atleast get diminished by using them for their intention. And yes, a crowbar would never break, I've pried some rediculous things open/apart at my home and haven't done anything to the bar. The crowbar itself is 40+ years old. The same goes with the Axe, my father has been splitting wood with the same Axe since I was 5. I'm 27 now, and the axe minus a few sharpenings (out of pure reason just to split wood easier) is still the same axe it was. Firearms are the same, and some need less maintenance than others. All need oiled regularly (every 6 months or so) or if you have been out in the rain. The actual mechanical bits rarely need any fixing. This is in reference to family owned firearms, be it breakdown shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers. These items are meant to last forever, with routine maintenance, and the possibility of replacing a firing pin ever 5,000 - 10,000 rounds. How often have we ever fired more than 500 rounds in a game. When I go shooting I usually put 2-300 rounds down range out of my handgun, I may clean it, I may not, the gun always fires as long as I do my bi yearly maintenance. The Zeds are more difficult, they are acting more real. I know the game is suppose to be hard, but no reason to penalize us on things that are un validated. Florin, they also recently increased crop growing time (While decreasing maintenance). This is one thing that has always bothered me in games, and zed games, unnessecary degredation of items.
  5. I hope that the canning supplies are similar in stock as they are in real stores. They are normally sold in packs of 12 / 36 / 100. Not just 1 or 2 at a time, maybe the lids could stack and be put in boxes similar to how Nails and Shells are?
  6. Birds you wouldn't find as much as most of them migrate. Rabbits are active for fewer hours. Most fish go to the bottom in an almost hibernation state. Worms pretty much die off or go 5+ feet underground. Winter should be brutal Ah, but if rabbits are active, they are looking for food, certainly not just out to take a leak. A baited trap would almost be more appealing to them wouldn't it?
  7. So wasn't blood letting, but ask George Washington how that worked out for him. This does not seem like a good idea. Flies are extremley dirty and I think it would cause more harm then good.
  8. These are small additions to the game that would help with the immersion, and vibe in the game. Eating Animation, as it is now you do a thousand yard stare as you chow down, why not show a generic animation of bringing that sammich right to your gullet.Show backpacks,hiking bags, on your character. As it is now it is left up to you to guess where he is hiding that bag. PVP, you'd be like, "Ah he has that spiffo bag I've always wanted.", or "Man, he has a huge hiking bag I bet he has supplies."Sitting Animations. Right now if you are playing MP everyone stands around idle at nite, or doing wall pushups. Why not curl up in that crappy chair you made and read a carpentry book so the next nite you won't have a nail jabbin' your bum.Ability to place cooked food on a table, or trade with players. Right now in my MP server, our cook makes our food and then proceeds to drop the bowl on the ground. Imagine going to a fast food restaraunt and they chuck your bag of fries on the ground and say there is your food. This could easily be resolved by making a table a "Container" with a small capacity and making it look like stuff is on the table, similar to how shelves look stocked now.Burn Barrel. We need a way to get rid of useless items. Spoiled food and the like. Right now I end up stuffin' them on a corpse and burning it. Burn barrel could also be used as a campfire to cook. A compost would be even better use for food, and could be a long term replacement for fertilizer.Ability to push furniture to barricade doors. This was in the game, no longer is. I'd like to be able to drag one of those "mobile outdoor grill." back to your base, Move a trash can and it can also serve as your new burn barrel!And the standard "Let me wring out my Towel and let it Dry Obligatory post."
  9. This would be a fantastic way of disposing of Spoiled food, and garbage items. Instead of loading up a zombie corpse before burning them.
  10. Let me preface this: I am a Nurse, like dress your wounds, give you shots, pass the meds type of Nurse. My Experience with Silvadene http://www.rxlist.com/silvadene-drug.htm (Which everyone above is referring too) I've used it on burns. It is very good at debreading and removing dead tissue. We normally do not use it on healthy wounds, even as a preventive as it is far to harsh for healthy cells, and does more harm than good. When using it as burns it helps remove all the necrotic, unsalvageable tissue. Laying a silver ring on a wound wouldn't have an effect even remotely close to the smallest amount of Silvadene.
  11. I noticed on a MP server with my friends we recently installed this Mod running 30.6. After clicking "Dry Towel." the towel disapears completely. Never to return. Spooky. I know.
  12. No reason it shouldn't, actually. Will double check -- have an updated version sitting around on my hard drive somewhere . . . Excellent! It seems so trivial until fire is creeping next to your storage supplies and you stand there dumbfounded looking at your water barrel. Small things like this and the dishtowel mods make a huge difference in gameplay. Thanks for the quick response. Edit: I can confirm it works on 30.6. However it gives you the option to start a fire with no fire starting materials at all times, along with put out fire on areas with no fire. (Also starts me out with a sandbag on each load of my MP game. I now have a pile of sandbags.
  13. Is this still working in build 30.2?
  14. I've always been fond of the If everyone is asleep then time goes forward like +8 Hours or something (perhaps server.ini sleeptime = 8 to set a desired universal sleep time.) I hate to reference minecraft but it seems to have the most effective and least problematic and most sensical way of dealing with it. I prefer it much more than doing wallpushups in my safehouse all nite because its too dark and risky to go out.
  15. Ah, please no, I don't consider myself an Expert cooker or even decent, but in the real world people don't burn themselves that often or ever making food. The ERs would be slammed with burn victims if this was true.
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