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  2. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    window mode

    1е пиши на енглише хоть каком, чтобы разрабы тебе ответили) и 2е) Ты просишь многое) в чем проблема тебе играть в полноэкранке?)
  3. Tails

    Advanced Zedonometry

    The limping animations looks interesting I hope to see some zombies with a limping animation as well to show its condition.
  4. As I replied in Discord, you draw your house/room as normal, with an exterior wall already selected, you then select the wall tool and draw over the existing exterior walls you want to change with the new exterior wall you selected. You don't draw empty rooms or anything like that.
  5. Tradus

    window mode

    Привет, каждый раз когда я открываю игру мое окно меняю свою позицию и залезает под панель задач Windows. Я бы хотел чтобы окно запоминало позицию. И мне не нужно было его двигать.
  6. Ayrton Orio

    Cap Levi, Normandy, France

    Some updates: Thanks to the great Cardenaglo I was able to create more palettes in the rules.txt to create vegetation and tiles from my photoshop file. That led me to improve greatly the fields which was necessary at the very least for orientation as the landscape was getting very monotonous. Now they look good from above and from up close. Some of the cells wil lbe used for houses with gardens (which are scattered all around the map). I think I'm halfway in the job of recreating 50/60% of the actual crops on the map. That will be enough to create a sense of diversity and interest. i have added a crop version of the data map that I use to define which crops is which, but also cemeteris, agricultural industies, social housing, etc. I have also been experimenting with the rules.txt to get objects that are not vegetation but could be used as is to populate the map: graveyards, cityscape, new biomes, etc i was unsure if I could use the rock tiles to do the shoreline but it's turning out ok now I can do through photoshop. you will notice also the moor biome around beahces too. I have pretty much finished the first two main islands (I still need to fix a bug while spawning charcter and object though) And even if it takes ages, the city of Cherbourg is turning from a mess to a clean organized city, i will keep that for another day. As soon as I fix the bug, I will upload the map with character spawns only on the islands to start with, and if it's ok I will expand.
  7. EnigmaGrey

    Stop the server when restarting.

    As a hunch, try removing map_t.bin in the server's save file. Maybe it's failing due to a discrepancy between the erosion file and the gametime data? This'll likely affect mod connect that saves to gametime and it will reset the current date in-game, however. It's purely a hunch. Erosion will be present because it's saved as part of the chunk files.
  8. ZombieHunter

    [Answered] Where are the Object Image files for the Core game?

    For anyone who needs the Answer: First you need to download Then go to Zomboid\media\texturepacks Unpack UI.pak and UI2.pak Images should be a 32 x 32 png image with transparent background for icons.
  9. Jake Blues

    Undead dead Zombies

    I was attacked by 2 hibernating Zs - those which look like dead but will jump up from the groung when you come close to them. As i was sneaking in the house my axe was ready and i immediatly hit both of them, i guess it was during the jumping animation (i was very quick). I could hear the sound when you finally kill a Z but those 2 got stuck in the "being pushed back" animation (walking with the body flexed backwards), They also didn´t die or attack me any further, i could still hit them with my axe and both screamed, blood was spilling too. My character also reacted to them showing the panic icon on the top right. Final situation: 2 Zs walking on the spot being "alive" for my character although i could walk past them without getting attacked and still being able to hit them with my axe. This is an ingame screenshot:
  10. ZombieHunter

    Advanced Zedonometry

    I love reading these technical posts, I know a few indie devs that do it. Factorio guys do it often and Starbound Devs used to do it in Early Access So if you want to do more, no issue from me.
  11. also if I make a room with no walls floors or anything it removes my walls that ived placed
  12. loot is container related (unless i'm mistaken), so you will have loot anywhere as long as you provide the right items (counters, fridge, crate, etc) to your scene, walls or not.
  13. @RingoD123 okay now the problem is how do I get loot into that room that ive drawn since its not a actual room
  14. Yesterday
  15. Eraser

    Let's play

    Hey every body / salut tout le monde ! Je réalise un let's play en Français si cela intéresse du monde ! A très vite :) I make a let's play if someone was interest ! See you soon :)
  16. In Iso view, click on the "place wall" tool at the top of the window. then click on "exterior walls" in the Tiles and Furniture tab on the right of the window, select your desired wall and then draw.
  17. so ive seen some people do this but I have no idea how to do it? is there a way to have two different types of exterior walls on a building without making the whole building piece by piece in tilemode? when I switch to a new wall it switches all my other walls with it. if anyone knows how please shed some light on this thanks!
  18. Brex

    More Buildings and Mountains Release

    I just wish the game had basements so you wouldn't have to put all those buildings on big hills, it looks so unnatural
  19. sgtspazman

    More Buildings and Mountains Release

    blackbeard ive almost recreated all these ill post them when theyre done
  20. RiseOfLegions

    [Steam][PC]Gold Express

    Good afternoon, we want to introduce you to our new game. This is a multiplayer game in which you and your comrades will need to escape from the restricted area with various abilities. Engine: Unreal Engine Platform: PC (Steam) Genre: Action (Multiplayer) Release Date: coming soon Developer: DAWN STUDIO About the game: In the future, when the innovative technique of humanity and ethics contradict each other, a new confrontation between the machines, called "Gold Express", appears. Artificial intelligence, mechanization, people with a difficult fate - all this you will meet on your way. A further development of events depends on you! Main characteristics: -Various game multiplayer modes -Excellent graphic component -Element of randomness of events -Impressive battles Page in Steam
  21. Pax

    (MP) Bite won't heal

    Awesome! Thanks! I'll give it a try tonight.
  22. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры

    Thank you) Thank you all for your support)
  23. VikiDikiRUS

    CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры

    All signs still means the same thing like in vanilla version, they are just written in Russian. We changed very few signs, because of untranslatable stuff. (Like a word play and etc)
  24. ZombieHunter

    CLH - Russian Retexture | КЛХ - Русские Ретекстуры

    Even though I have no idea what is written, the art it sellf looks great! Nice job guys.
  25. Edited with the link. When providing links via sites like adfly, please only provide them as an option, i.e. post the correct link *and* one that redirects through something like adfly in case people want to show support
  26. ZombieHunter

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    That's great. Anyway I love the game either way. Keep up the great work.
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