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How one bad egg can destroy a studio

Note to Dave: I wrote this before we announced Project Zomboid. Such things are possible with computers – so don’t panic. So in previous posts I may have come across a little mean about designers. Evidently there are some amazing designers out there or else there wouldn’t be any good...

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Cosmetic Character Customisation

Posted by CaptainBinky | Posted in Pictures of things, Project Zomboid | Posted on 17-07-2011


Currently in production (as seen in my last blog post) is an “underpants man” version of the character sprites. What does this mean, besides confirmation that the survivors in the apocalypse do indeed still wear underpants..? Well, the screen posted before was the first pass of the anims, the second pass takes it one level further:

Oh dear, no head. The final pass will involve slicing his legs off too. This means that the final “characters” in the game will be assembled from a head, a torso, and legs and clothing will be sliced up similarly. Shirts, trousers, heads, hair, etc. will all be overlaid on these base elements meaning that not only will NPC costumes/look be randomised from these components, but that the player himself will be able to wear any clothing which he finds. And not only that, but he’d be able to have his head lopped off.

These components will also represent “final” character sprite layouts, so any custom mods produced after these have gone into the build which conform to this layout will be “future-proofed” for any further updates. And combined with the modding support currently being added, instead of replacing Baldspot’s permanent look, new costumes can instead be loaded in addition to whatever we put into the game.

Once these are complete, a similar pass will be worked on for the zombies so that any survivor who turns will be a zombiefied version of their human look instead of swapping to a preset “zombie sprite”, and then after that, a set of female equivalents will be produced so that you can choose your gender and meet female survivors in the world.